Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The feeling of a dark

Even if they talk about again and again to hear the Vice-Chancellor, and Jun Ke order has been entered in the middle of the news, although they do not know, after special training, their own college players is not significant progress had been made, but they think that will be new adidas trainers shoes able to showto help them win.

It is a hidden in the depths of his heart all that the show can not be destroyedidea, even here on the showaway from normal, as if he is like the plague!

The game is played on behalf ofshow, Fang Shu Qi Yao and Lou.

Edge play, or just the three that has not changed.

Do not know the strength of three nowstudents, and subtly placed their hopes in the bodyshow. The other books can be yao and Lou Kawasaki did a lot of encouragement, not a person on the showsaid Come on! And then, the situation is surprisingly tricky.

Showkeen on him feel that the expectations of a mind can not help but hate.

He knows what isnot because he thinks Needless to say, because the think they can win, because he knows that they are not fighting for victory is to fight and fight!

Other people?

I hope he is not what others told him that he was only fighting for their own, but he is now endemic to the feeling of use by others!

In this moment cheap air jordan fusion 23 shoes what they expect for their ownwin? If you can, like willfulness, then simply lose it intentionally! It is a pity he can not afford to lose, he can only keep moving! He started a war intended to quell the hearts of the unhappy.

Intended to combat rising like cheap air jordan shoes xiv ghostsshow as a silent admission of the wind and landed in front of Jun Ke.

Showthe shenfa uncertain, masterpiece of the persons, who naturally exudesof cold gas, the success of the attraction to the owner39s attention.

Jun Ke it was linked to the faces of some arrogant, but also because of the emergence ofExhibition will leave more dignified.

Showsaid nothing, did not see each other, but with your fingers off in the paddling evil wind, waiting for the beginning of the game, and secret in his heart would like to suppress their desire to sell in advance.

Showdissatisfied with the attitude of thein exchange for each other, but he still did not even raise some eyelids.

At this time to announce the beginning of the game has finally sounded the voice It is now carried out by militant fight, is the fifth game, against EdgeCollege College.

Formal competition started, show the opponent of courseJun Ke!

Ears start to hear the sound of percussion,show the war is no longer intended to suppress the bottom of my heart, evil windholding opponents to attack.

Maybe it is because he is feeling a little insecure, evil wind cut across the curve in the air, but also to make people feel that a turbulent and violent.

Although during the day, but it gives a dark feeling, like a storm is approaching, the venue of the air have become clouded.

The audience seemed to feel that the market has been swept by storms, strange black the never-ending spiral vortex, like a giant open mouth devil, his black tusks, want to tear up everything.

Jun Ke can field better than the others feel, that bizarre relentless around the Administration seems to be swallowed up all the whirlwind of life, hestruggling to care at various levels of lead in front of, but just like papersharp knife living, exhibitiona result of the evil wind chopped black Tornado, Jun Ke easily torn by a hard line under construction, sharp and violentwent, not the existence of any foreign body.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pension costs for pet

LixinCity Plaza next to a name called flower of the flower shop, flower shop selling all kinds of baskets of flowers and art. Owner is a young woman, a good florist business, but she is not in how the operation of motives to 1800 every day, other shop is a time when business is booming, none of her close work on time. The employee asked her this question, she is eyesaid I have to go home to cook it.

The girls working for her and smiled gently, presumably in order that it will open six day a red taxi to pick her men to go home now. Husband and wife does not like them, can not be brother and sister or relatives, the couple should be close, right? Both an open rental, a flower shop business, although not rich silver jewelry but lived a sweet life, the same day into the same, how the well-being, ah, do not know when such a person will be met … … the beauty of young girls into their own fantasy has been the boss did not find a taxi driver and her lover, What distinguishes.

Thirdlook to see outside, not working girls laughed and so the matter? He may be late for the 10 minutes. This is strange, the man watches as punctual as the two girls to come here to work replica coach jewelry months, he has not been so late – the only time he did not on time , or because of the table ahead of the store.

I do not sense it. a bouquet of flowers into the refrigerator, her children are worried about the fire will not delay the dinner and mad. However, late Zhou Ying Why? Is the accident? Or, by Liu to the?

are thinking, That car is familiar with the door open.

Long live, work has been! Cheer girls working out, rushed over to prepare to close.

I39m late. Zhou Yinglook at the door.

Are you okay? does not mind being late Zhou Ying, Ying Zhou her look different, for fear of what he faced.

I just like to see … … Zhou Ying, frowning, but no finish. Angry at his head, with wings and clinging to coach jewelry his chin, said wistfully I saw, it seems that thing … … … …

What? puzzled.

Zhou Ying, and shook his head with angry said This can not be … ah …

overgot on a vehicle, with her experience is not aasked, and she was angry-week video and did not see much interest in things.suddenly thought of his own to see the scene today, and fire impactweek said I have seen it very strange things.

What what? Favorite angry to listen to a story.

National Treasure.

David? An antique it? Worth the money? Have not become a monster? Fire on the interest in the child.

Is a giant panda has been!

Panda? Zhou Ying heard the word, seems to think of what.

What is rare giant pandas, the zoo, there, where there are. Angry, pointing to a billboard next to the Panda logo.

Is alive and will be running, the chubby … … very strange to say, there are two people running in the streets carrying it. recalled the scene at noon today to see.

At noon, a person to stayflorist, the outside sea, sun-whitethe square, there is only one selling cold drinks in the doze of the elderly.side of the store made using magic to make the flowers wither the spirit, and while listening to pop music while pruning, a rise of accidentally, but to see thingsis a large open square peristalsis. That chubby shape, color it black and white … …eyesstood up, this is not only my Panda! How to run their own in the streets – no, it should be said to be rolling only, it has been too fat.

Moment,mind full of catch how much they can sell it? Eat angry? Meat looks great. To keep a pet to spend? Like the idea, and immediately to a rope and a large porcelain vase in the hands of efforts to prepare rushed over. A rope used to tie Panda, vases used to do will not need to say now?

Out in her shop on at the same time, the square side of red from the two people who went around the giant pandas, a rise of one foot, lifting the pandas will come to, soon disappeared in the street on the corner.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


She leaned up,hair I do not know, I see you last night, you are not at home.I called, he said that they admitted to the hospital to you … I39ll be back … I worry about you … I am afraid … afraid … By this time, she had tears falling slowly.

Watching the beautiful women crying for their own heart has been very apologetic the cheap kate spade sunglasses next, I had one clinging to her, and whispered in her ear said I know, I know, then, since I am not going to let you are worried about, and certainly!

I hold her tightly, I found her cold body,slightly. A thirsty mouth can not help but lick his lips a lick, they found full of salty lips smell, just sick of me, what. The two hug for a while, she saw the watch, then I open

Oh, not so late … so late, I have to leave!

between her legs.

She found that my impulse , a slightly red face No, seriously! Disease only just, but also wanted to bad?!

My mouth forced her of fresh paste

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mom I am sorry your mother I love you

I was growing up back on the road to all kinds of fragments babbling, back when the illiterate, ill mother to my guardian, exhort before going to school, after school, the joy and sorrow kites in the spring and the grass to make the roll, summer days of swimming, picnic in the autumn, winter in with my reading lamp. Congjun I love when you are worried about, and every time it was to force the other comrades-in-arms, you always trust other people to see me Communications in each of the folders on give me the money … … 10 All in all, are Mom told me you love the warmth of the composition. Thank you, Mom! You taught me the basic principles of life is to give you my life is you … … after I get married with his own son, my mother turned you into your blood in my body … … a son should not Accidents you for my son a few months so that you lose the ability to ease the activities. Even so, the better you are brought up to my son! And he let you take care of the mouth is very sturdy and very 39sweet 39! When he was in the area you live playing everywhere area39s elderly. Adults and other children like him, are willing to call him 3939. Mama I39m ashamed ah well! When your son has been too busy. Do not let you in caring about the injury well, they you. So that your spine has always been normal. Since then, badminton court you less robust figure, in the mountains in small groups of people to play your laugh … … I read an article generally speaking means a person39s children and his parents at the same time hospitalized At the same time, treatment and care needs, he was of the sons and daughters is much higher than the energy spent in his parents energy and grandchildren to know his parents are in need of care at hospital, also advised his son not to control its own take good care of … … This is the grandson of the Chinese nation passed down for thousands of years … … This is the virtue of selfless love of parents … … my mother ah! son, I am sorry to you too! my small you no louis vuitton purse jewelry regrets for me … … Now I long large adult you have to dedicate the next generation of my mother … … ah! son, I am sorry to you too! you to my little family has dedicated a mother … … ah! son, I am sorry to you too! son now as a result of reasons not to you and do not filial! tape wife and I go home every year, you always lie Xing Cai pulled highyou raise for us. let us move, to say that we have worked hard! holidays will soon be finished off, I always eat when did not dare look at you … … I do not want to let you see the tears in my eyes you do not want to see more wet eyes! When I left home when you stagger in the figure has always been in front of me shaking! I really want to turn to You say Mama do not go his mother … … ah! Sorry son, you too! Occasionally take you out to play a bit to eat in a restaurant meal … … you back to the area you are always people around to show off My son ah good … … my mother! Son, I am sorry to you too! At that time, I Wishing you also to drive with your old top mountain climbing again … … can be ex post facto, that is the way that work is not so trivial, so replica louis vuitton purse jewelry that I could not fulfill my promise! Mother ah! Sorry son, you too, son unfilial ah! Would you like to see some old Dingshan I do not let you. Mother of your children is as good as gold, I must take you to climb – the old Hill Top! Mom I will always bless you! I will always love you mom!
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Summer landscape

Early in the morning, the car on the way to work. When the busbenefits Yan39an Road 300, I occasionally looked out the window to the first thing I saw is this One possibility is the scavenging of the young men are sleeping in the ventilation overpass following the shade, next to his stacked with a bag full of the spoils of war, I think That might be his last day of harvest labor. Arrival time of vehicles stopped, I saw his eyes could not help more, I saw his head in a thick cardboard box, paperbody is under the shell, is back sleep, in total disregard of the surrounding noise from vehicles Of course, the more mosquito bites can not attend. I think at this point in the dream, he is doing the United States and the United States may dream of it! Although he looks forward in this city a little bit uncoordinated, but who would have the heart to disturb the dreams of an innocent person do?

Every morning I walk past the living area when a small garden, there will always see six or seven of our hair turns white carers. They do not seem to have been concerned about their own Huajiahu the age of 67 individuals playing together every day Spline crowded. If anyone out of a new pattern, you will hear them all the way between the sound of applause. In recent days, they dress uniform, wearing a red shirt the color of the old man, his chest cheap sky ii hi snake shoe China won the three characters in particular eye-catching. Whether it is passing in a small garden or enjoy the cool air to rest, and every day the vitality of their contamination, and their passion. See this every morning to help the old man full of vitality, looked at them covered with wrinkles, sweating all over the cheap air jordan8 man shoe cheeks, you will temporarily forget the summer heat, forget all your troubles. They care about who is going to move those seemingly innocent, who will do the care they are sometimes a bit noisy will be issued then the sound of applause?

Bus stand by the roadside, cheap baltimore ravens shoes such as when someone has been shouting behind

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Not to harm

When the beautiful is not beautiful
When the flowers wither and die
It slept all
Do not block any choice
Let him her a desire to look into the final
The land will bury his her heart
Wind will blow his her tears
Will be the envy of mankind his her body
Everything will rest in peace
Will not sad not sad
Let it go all sleepy …
Do not Do not blame the memories
Everything can not go back …
Let all the things to leave quietly … top key holder
Memory is not our intention to see his her smile
Then let him her sleep of the intoxicated ….
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Expression of love-style

The boy asked Why?

Girl said tired, you do not need a reason

An evening

Boys do not speak only to smoking

The hearts of more and more girls are cool

Will not even retain the expression of lovers

Give me what kind of happiness?

After a long time

The boy finally can not help but say how can we make you stay?

Girl said slowly

Answered a question answered if you can answer my heart, I will stay.

… …

I very much enjoy such as of a flower on the cliff, and you pick the results are 100

Death, would you pick for me?

The boy thought for a while and said tell you the answer tomorrow morning, please?

Gray Girl39s heart suddenly down

… …

Morning wake up, boys are no longer

Only a word written down on the paper under the warm

The first line, let thethrough the Girl

Darling, I will not pick

But please allow me to make the reason did not pick

You can only use computer typing

Procedures are put up a total mess

And cry at the keyboard

I would like to keep you fingers to organize program

You always forget to bring out the key

I would like to keep his feet to open the door to run back to you

You love travel

In their own cities are usually lost

I would like to keep their eyes to the way you

Per month good friend to the time

Your body is always cold, but also stomach pain

I would like to keep you warm the lower abdomen palm

Do not you love to go out

I am worried that you will suffer from autism

I would like to keep you out beyond the mouth of the lonely

De computer is always watching you

Eye to the abuse is not a very good

I want a good life

You39re old, etc.

Here you are a nail trim

To help you so that you unplug the chagrin of the white

Holding your hand

At the seaside to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful soft sandy beaches

One after another told you the flower color

Youth39s face as you …


I am not sure at someone more than I love you Handbags UK before

I do not want to pickflower …

Girls crystal teardrop on a piece of paper to form flowers

tears, girls continue to look down


If you have already read the

Also let you satisfied with the answer, then

Please let you open the door

I was standing outside the

Mention of the hands of your favorite fresh bread to eat …

Open door Girl

See his face

Children like a nervous

Put the bread will screw her eyes at the hands of Akira

… … … … … …

This is my love or want to live

Be happy when surrounded by calm

Love some of the Ordinary

Always keen to the hearts of romantic passion and neglect

LOVE! At much the two sides caused by a trivial action, the

There has never been a fixed model

Only love

Can be any form of a prosaic

Flowers, romantic

But are floating at the shallow surface embellishment Living

At their following is our true life.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Please select me to life

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Please select me to life
Author Source Time 2007-10-10 Read 6515 Font Size Small Medium Large
She is a blue heart LOH qualitative girl. She likes a lot of boys around at her side. She did not refuse Say Say not enjoy, faint, are the same for everyone.
This one had changed a few years. Constantly have to leave the boys have been boys have joined the ranks of the pursuit, but she39s indifferent to allow the boys gradually become discouraged and finally left, finally, her only a boy.
The boys from that day became known for her friend.
When Wai boy at her side more, he will go far with her more, ten and a half to a phone and asked her if she, but when her no, he will appear in her life, near concerned about the distance from her and accompany her when new suitors appear, he would quietly exit.
All this at the eyes of her natural look. On one occasion, she asked him, Why?
He said, do not want to let you lonely. Very common word, let her tears Down almost to, but she did want to, really love a person just so that is not enough.
In all pursuits, he is the most common one, looks ordinary, ordinary job, ordinary families, and even the man he is so ordinary, it shows.
However, it is him, from start to finish of with her, from the beautiful 20-year-old to 28-year-old older woman.
She thought that he cheap louis vuitton might accompany his lifetime is that the person has. Her gentle tone, as if in telling a story has nothing to do with their own a girl, in her 16-year-old that year, reservoir encountered criminals. In her desperate resistance, the reservoir of the assailants, she said, Buy Louis Vuitton pointing to, or jump, or my obedience. At life and the shame, the girls finally select a shame.
She asked him, the girls select correct? If you are Her lover, you hope that she will jump into the reservoir are drowned, or accept the shame?
He was already aware that the girl is her. The moment he came to realize that, over the years why she has refused to love. She said that you do not have to hurry to answer me, I give you 12 hours to answer me tomorrow, if not willing to answer it.
The next day, he came with a bouquet of roses. He said that if my beloved Louis Vuitton Speedy people encounter this situation, I hope she lives for my selection. And life compared to chastity also nothing? My lover I can not because the so-called virginity away from me, so please select the life for me.
Her head in his arms crying. Over the years, she has questioned their right to choose whether, in particular, are back to think of that scene when unbearable. But today she finally Fortunately, she chose the life, so she owns the world39s most beautiful love.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Dependent ghost places most prevalent, is the Indo-China, and to Siam for the most! And Siam custody since the original surgery ghost in southwestern China, such as Yunnan, Sichuan area. Integration at the local witch teaching and Brahmanism from India, it developed into today39s cursed ghost dependent patients. Siam dependent from the ghost of surgery and then spread to South Asia, especially Malaysia, the most vicious!

Only introduce the following two common dependent local ghost surgery this is the old Law in Thailand inthat is willing to share with you, so that Chinese people expand their knowledge, increase color. But not worthy of our study!! !

Content Siam dependent ghost surgery

Siam dependent patients the most common ghost is the ghost boy! Mage general cursed favorite ghost child rearing, child ghost because obedient, easily driven, not rebels, nor the generalof evil. However, child ghost festival is not easy to practice, drawing even more difficult … so not low price ghost boy! Currently Thai gamblers and prostitutes favorites

First Mage witchcrafts to select just two of the children die soon male and female, age shall not exceed ten. Mage morality has on the families at high prices to the exchange of bodies, usually only poor families will make this transaction. But the evil would typically be reluctant to spend a large sum of money for this trade, and when in the dead of night, holding a hoe to the graves of children ……

Collected, such as after the two children, you must immediately practicing Festival. Digital Mage cursed with a violent burning candles sticks, two for the children to burn the chin, around about two, children begin chin people drop out of oil … then immediately Mage away candles, hand holding a bowl Then people oil, until the End date drop. Then Mage must start holding people bowl children oil, on the law altar, beginning 24 hours continuous all-weather training rotation Festival ……

Mage others also two small coffins holding about 15 cm long, at next stop cursing witch reminder, in a small coffin has been placed two children as wood carving, 2 different colors in the trees, the local said Yin and Yang tree, carved out of one black one white boy like, when the festival to practice 98 straight days, the festival will be modulated Enhancing children cursed people oil, respectively, reversing a small coffin in the final stages of preparation and training of the festival.

Offering training to the last stage, usually the religious practice of all three with the festival, Dolce Gabbana Handbags and a further three batches, all-weather continuous reminder witch cursed, usually to the third of seven days, two small white coffin will be out! This age The biggest witchcrafts Mage, they immediately will be ghost boy and cursed like a corpse with a bottle of oil into the transparent. At this time the old Mage population also droppedread , scattered from gas, poly De-cheng Ling ,…… translated meaning, and Wu Nien-cursed , Orgen that wow, youto mamma, Iraq toYes, Wang touch …… incantation meaning Heaven and Earth Aura, ten thousand are respecting God my hair Aura of nothing Parent common ratio, spirits are repulsive Health From me you hit me you are, sons and daughters, subject to the primary. If there is violation, is not dependent!!!

I have made this, bear in mind Forever!!!

Enhancing festival for the little devil can master what to do? Usually less good many evil for gamblers such as child ghost line Yun Choi, removed money from others assist firms Ecstasy soul perturbation technique, Shi cursed, so that men or women ,willing to meet the teacher lust for breach of regular homotopy!!! usually high power cursed division Thailand, next to many young women, such as flies flutter stool general, mount the division and earn money to support him!!! in central Taiwan to a 80-year-old division Maoshan down, but also line the sorcerers, the old Romanian has four women have been rescued. Here are despised a few years later under the Diamond musthell, for a long time may not be able to bounce back!!!

Of course, if driven by ghost children, husband and wife love to help people, save a broken home, so that minor children have a warm home, this is an act responsibly!!! Or lucky Choi surgery, bankruptcy is about to assist the person committed suicide by hanging, why not??? Even if the destruction of the causal, we must do! but must request the poor rich, the same can assist people suffering in! so, although the line down the division of small operation, it should have the same bodhisattva?

After the fruit must be able to success!


No magic failed, as the water may post a boat, it can also capsize! , If Mahayana actual, the actual harm … this method was also regarded as sorcerers! In short, good things do,declined is! ! ! !

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Idle time

My depression, and do not go home after school every day at noon. Melancholy interval, before the textbooks in the classroom put badminton shuttlecock when calls go to fight, textbooks bang sound, big voice is startling.

On my first two days of the beginning of that year, a lot of class Student not go home at noon.
Fall in love with my poetry, one ofread
Forever my eternal love
Depth and
Me pretending to melancholy, and silence.
The total fine in front of me staring at the pretty boy39s head daze.
Really boring, I thought why not meParent39s child? Why my parents did not want divorce bit mean? Unfortunately, my family is too normal, and did not give me any chance of possible depression. I had no choice but to consider such as the people come from, Where the philosophical questions such as, depression alone, and silent.
What is home, home is superfluous. But girls in her class have parents want a divorce, we desperately want to stop. This is a lot of us consider an independent question of life the opportunity to take care of our every day together at the discussion over.
At a Rainy, we act together to find that a third party, in the little brown-red Handbags UK painted outside the department store on the third layer. Forgot how other people are Xiao with reasons and moving people with feelings and the deepest impression is that before people refuse to Units in only one of them look like strange, toe shoes will be towards the U.S., I inexplicably panic together that vicious-looking shoes at any time seems to be washed up to us like Kick. I hurry to leave, and they feel very good talk. My hunch seems to be some truth, then her father or a third party and selling shoes married.
Love of variables so that surprised me, the reality is that about?
Have illusions in the most inviting those engraved die
… Finally … but for what should not
But I still love the perfect fantasy. I still watch the back of the head. But dare not to panic and get him saying a word.
I started to do all kinds of bad boys of my. Chimney into the classroom window, put our desks and benches pile up, and then all the way down to crawl into a black hole in the square. Liao around inside the smoke, fullare labeled as triangles.go down, thin board, for fear of pressure put the roof collapsed. When I walked every day Teacher Station rostrum above that position, the school bell rang. Student hurriedly put under the table and benches are set up. My cat at the top of a lesson on the plight of a new experience.
My depression, and do not go home after school every day at noon. Melancholy interval, before the textbooks in the classroom put badminton shuttlecock when calls go to fight, textbooks bang sound, big voice is startling. Another class, I read the back of the head, on the book cover up staring at the dirty markabuse. Shuttlecock at the shadow of my mind flying and refused to cease.
Mother usually has to give me lunch, with a band of aluminum boxes put infants. Golden Lion car she was riding a small car to Poto come ride. Early saw someone told me. Many children do not go home, only my mother would come to deliver meals. They admire and watch me, watch my aluminum lunch boxes, it is a pity that I did not chance of depression.
A year later, on my high school, everything back to normal, and start loving home and parents.
Do not go home that day indulged, was called puberty.

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